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Slow fashion, slow music, slow process. Slow down, human and enjoy...

Pop of Natural Colour on Muslin and the knowledge behind Phuti Karpas (tree cotton). All the dyes are organic or collected from organic waste, and the process is done with intensive care due to the environmental issues in Bangladesh for a while now...

Refaya Turshin is the concept artist, art director and filmmaker behind this short documentary. Turshin believes that her work is created to make her audience feel, connect, recreate, and relate... while being grounded on Earth and being fully aware of the environment they are standing still and moving on. 

This promo clip portrays making and care process of the Timeless Eco Collection by artist and eco designer, Refaya Turshin.

She experimented with organic garbage such as onion skins from haat bazaars near Gazipur, which is also known as the garments districts of Dhaka; non-bleached woven fabric, rejected grey fabrics from other nearby garments, and most importantly bringing back Bangladesh's "Lost Heritage" handwoven phuti karpas Muslin and how to care for it properly without losing its delicacy and importance. 

Refaya Turshin's Timeless Eco Collection was showcased at RAW Artists Canada on July 22rd 2022 at Fountain Blu, Toronto, Canada. The collection focuses on eco garments making in Bangladesh. 

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